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Tanum World Heritage rest stop

The World Heritage Tanum Rest Area is a rest area for motorists, but also have an exhibition as well as a viewpoint overlooking the World Heritage Site. The exhibition features brief summaries of the four main attractions in the World Heritage Site – Vitlycke, Fossum, Aspeberget, and Litsleby. It also tells the story of the landscape’s history in relation to the rock carvings, about travellers then and now, and, most importantly, about the global idea behind World Heritage Sites.

From the building with exhibition and toilets, a platform leads out to a viewpoint with a view of the Tanumslätten and large parts of the world heritage site. Photo: Hans Lundenmark, Vitlycke museum.

In addition to amenities typically found at a rest area, such as picnic facilities and toilets, there is also a ramp that leads to a viewpoint where you can see large parts of the World Heritage Site. From the parking area, a trail leads to a smaller rock carving panel and several other cultural heritage remnants. The trail is 1 kilometre long, round trip.

How to get to the World Heritage Tanum rest stop

The rest area is located along the E6 highway, 3.5 kilometres south of Tanumsmotet, exit 105.

The World Heritage Tanum rest stop at Google Maps.

Bild från utställningslokalen på rastplats Världsarv Tanum.
The exhibition is about how people traveled over the millennia in the area, how the landscape has changed over time and the idea behind the World Heritage convention. Photo: Hans Lundenmark, Vitlycke museum.