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The rock carvings at Vitlycke

Located 200 meters from the Vitlycke Museum is Tanum’s most famous and visited rock carving site – the Vitlycke rock. On this over 20-meter-long panel, there are more than 500 engraved images. Nearly a hundred of them are ships, with the longest one being over 3 meters. The site also contains 87 human figures, including perhaps the most famous rock carving of all – the Bridal Couple. The images were created over a long period during the Bronze- and Iron Ages, possibly spanning up to 1,000 years.

On the right side of the Vitlycke rock panel, there are three warriors with axes, shields, and swords. Photo: Hans Lundenmark, Vitlycke Museum.

In addition to the Vitlycke panel, there are four smaller sites along a 400-meter-long path. On top of hill above the carvings, there are two large burial mounds from the earlier Bronze Age. The round trip distance from the Vitlycke panel to the top of hill is 1 kilometre.

All the carvings are painted and have information signs. The paths are equipped with stairs for better accessibility.

The Vitlycke Museum is open during the summer season and offers guided tours to the carvings, school programs, various summer activities, and much more. The museum houses an exhibition about the Bronze Age and the rock carvings, as well as a reconstructed settlement in a 1:1 scale.

Visit the Vitlycke museum web site.

How to get to Vitlycke

Vitlycke panel is located 2 kilometres south of Tanumshede along road 914 towards Kville. The parking lot is located at the Vitlycke Museum. From the parking lot, a 300-meter-long gravel road leads to the Vitlycke panel.

Rock carvnings at Vitlycke on Google Maps.

Sunrise over the Tanum Plain with the burial mounds at Vitlycke in the foreground. Photo: Hans Lundenmark, Vitlycke Museum.