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World Heritage walks

In the heart of the Tanum World Heritage Site, you’ll find the hiking trail World Heritage walks. The trail is 6 kilometres long and passes through three important rock carving areas: Lövåsen, Gerum, and Sotetorp. Most of the rock carvings along the trail are not painted, and the images can sometimes be difficult to see. Informational signs are available at the carvings, providing details about the sites and interpretations of the images.

Släpljusbelyst hällristning som föreställer ett skepp.
One of the panels at the Sotetorp site, along the World Heritage walk. Photo: Hans Lundenmark, Vitlycke museum.

Lövåsen is the closest to the parking area, only a 350-meter walk away. Along a 20-meter long panel, several surfaces with engraved images can be found, with the largest one accessed via a steep staircase.

The Gerum site is the largest one along the hike and is one of the sites with rock carvings situated closest to the ancient coastline within the World Heritage area. When the carvings were made, the panel was right by the seaside.

At Sotetorp, there are numerous smaller panels with images along a 150-meter-long mountainside. The area is most renowned for its images of people performing acrobatic feats over ships.

The hike also takes you past other cultural-historical attractions such as ancient roads, a windmill ruin, and the remains of old homesteads. Along the trail, there are three resting areas and a viewpoint offering magnificent views of the Tanum plain and the central parts of the World Heritage area. Red poles indicate the way from the parking area. The route can be divided into a northern and a southern part, each approximately 3 kilometres long. The southern section of the trail is partially mountainous.

World Heritage Walks is managed by a landowners’ association with the same name. More information can be found on the World heritage Walks website.

How to get to World Heritage walks

The parking area is located 4 kilometres from the Vitlycke Museum. Follow road 914 south for 3 kilometres and take a left at the sign “Hällristningar 1”. The parking area is on the right side after 1 kilometre.

World Heritage walks at Google Maps.

At Gerumhällen, there are more than 200 rock carvings, including 65 ships and the very peculiar figure called “Slänggungan” (The Swing). Photo: Hans Lundenmark, Vitlycke museum.